Skinnies are the first Zero Calorie,
    All Natural cocktail mixers

Skinnies are 100% Natural made with Plant Based ingredients. We don’t use preservatives, we don’t use aspartame and we don’t use artificial colors. For flavor and color we use fruit and plant based extracts. For sweetness we use stevia and erythritol (a sweetener extracted from melons) that gives a smooth and balanced taste to our Skinnies Cocktails. Cheers!

Easy to make at home:

Mix 1 Skinnies packet into 4oz of water, add 1.5oz of alcohol, ice, shake or stir, garnish and cheers!

Take your Skinnies to Happyhour

Ask for your vodka with water or club soda and a twist of lime, then mix 1 Skinnies packet into your drink and cheers!

The Perfect Party Mixers

All the flavor of a perfectly blended cocktail with none of the sugar and calories - what's not to like? Convenient packets that are easy to take anywhere, so shake things up on your next night out!

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    Variety Pack – 2 boxes $13.00
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    NY Cosmo – 4 boxes $24.00
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    Baja Margarita – 4 boxes $24.00