Lem'n Lime (4 boxes)
Lem'n Lime (4 boxes)
Lem'n Lime (4 boxes)

Lem'n Lime (4 boxes)

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  • ZERO Calories
  • Plant Based
  • Gluten Free

How to Make a sugar-free Gimlet: Just add 1 Skinnies packet + 1 shot Gin + Club soda (or 4oz water), garnish with a slice of lime and Enjoy! The Skinnies Lem'n Lime is a sour mix that also goes great with Vodka & Soda, Cheers!

What's in our Ingredients? Plant derived; sodium citrate, citric and malic acid. We also use erythritol (from plants) that balances nicely with a hint of stevia leaf extract. With Skinnies you save calories vs. traditional mixers that are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.

(Contains 4 boxes. 6 single-serve packets per box)

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